Looking for a few good Women, who

Sew Mantillas for the Church

By Rita Davidson

Since I first wrote my book, “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue” in 1999, things have changed dramatically. One area that blossomed has been headcoverings for women.

My Chapter on Veils was one of the earliest writings looking at bringing back headcoverings for Catholic women. I want to share a story of a friend I was privileged to know.

Susan Scott made veils. She was one of mSusanScottFatima_opty best friends and biggest supporter of my modesty work. She had Immaculate Heart Mantillas and a great devotion to Our Lady especially Our Lady of Fatima. For many years she worked at making veils and vestments and touched many lives in the process. She was disabled with epilepsy and no computer, so I designed and created a website for her and hosted it for many years. I also designed many of her advertisements that ran in Catholic newspapers.

Over the years we shared laughs and stories. She shared with me stories of the lack of charity shown her by those she knew. I was sad for all she suffered. I comforted her then and other times when she was trying to make ends meet.

Her faith so black and white for her, anyone who knew her can attest to that. It was inspiring in it’s childlikeness. She told me stories of seizures.

Her latest was a seizure in her apartment and waking up with a gash across her face needing 40+ stitches. Another time, she had a seizure and broke her ankle. She would just chuckle saying God sure had a sense of humor. She lived alone and I feared for her, though all she wanted was to die with the Sacraments. This was her greatest worry to die without the Sacraments.

She wanted nothing more than to do God’s will. She lived and worked for the Glorification of God and His most blessed Mother. She in turn blessed me with statues and relics from her travels to Apparition sites of our Lady from around the world. She always encouraged me with her knowledge, her humor, her wit and friendship. We pulled the best out of each other.

After our fire, she was our biggest supporter. She reached out to priests she knew to get them to support us. I still have a box with toys she sent my boys Christmas 2013. She sadly passed away, alone, January 11, 2014 at the age of 64. I still haven’t been able to open those toys.

It was such a heartbreak not being able to say goodbye to such a good friend. She had done so much for my own faith. We were struggling living homeless after our fire and barely able to get to a phone and so my communication with her was limited for her last year.

Since then I have prayed how I can repay her back for her great faith and friendship.

“Immaculate Heart Veil Registry”

is my memorial page for Susan.

I am honored to release this on Feast of Our Lady of Fatima May 13, 2015, as she loved Our Lady of Fatima so much.

As you can see the only picture I hMemorySusanScott_optave of Susan is at Fatima at the spot of the Apparition of the Angel. A very fitting picture to remember her by.

What I want, is to turn her website into a Veil Resource for those searching for head coverings for Mass. I supported Susan through the years with business advice, graphic design, sourcing suppliers and building a website. I now want to pay that back to the community of women who are filling a great need, in the Church.

I pray she is watching down on us from above now. Please pray for her.

With love,

Rita xo


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