Robin Nest Lane – Ft Mitchell, AL

Robin Nest Lane, Alabama
A review by Rita Davidson, author of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”

Robin is a mother of eight children and married to a soldier. So she knows a lot about RobinLane2_opthow to live a chaotic life! She says, “My husbands vocation is in the military. By accepting the burdens of military life (military moms I’m sure you can really relate) (multiple deployments; moving before roots are put down, friends are made and routines are in place; the uncertainty…) we are saying “YES” to God. I am honored to support my husband in this way!”
How beautiful it is to know AND LIVE God’s Will so well!
Robin says she started sewing in March 2012 after sewing some veils with tiebacks for her own daughters.
She wants her veils to be functional as well as beautiful. She makes a unique tie back veil that serves this purpose and would never sell anything she wouldn’t wear herself. She loves to add special extras to veils like rosettes to make each veil unique.
When Robin’s veil sample arrived I was very impressed by the neat packaging. Inside, her veil was professionally packaged in a cellophane package with a lovely professional card.

She sent a brown infinity veil; one of the first I have seen. It was RobinLane3_opta very nice heavy weight lace with a side rosette. Brown is a really nice neutral color that can be used with every outfit. Robin is a firm believer that we shouldn’t draw attention to ourselves at Mass and I agree GOD is the center!

God has blessed Robin with her veil business by helping her learn more discipline to be able to do all she does and she is blessed to be able to provide high quality veils to her clients in return.
A lovely bonus is her website is filled with modest young ladies modeling her veils. I very much appreciate seeing someone appreciate modesty, beauty and veiling all together!
Please look up her website to order your next veil when needed!
It was a pleasure RobinLane1_optto get her samples and to have her with the Immaculate Heart Veil Registry
Find her at:
Robin Nest Lane,
92 McLendon Rd.
Ft. Mitchell, Alabama 36856



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