Silvia Cassani – Italy

Silvia Cassani, Rome, Italy
A review by Rita Davidson, author of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”

Silvia is a stay at home mom of 4 children, living in Rome in the heart of the eternal city.
She began sewing veils for herself and friends because they were very Silvia Cassani 1_optlimited in the shops in Rome. Those that she found were very expensive and poor quality.
When I received Silvia’s package it had a lovely smell to it. I was dreaming the air in Rome is fragrant!? It was packaged in a lovely net gift bag and plastic bag to protect it in shipping. It arrived quickly and just as expected.

The lace edging is very delicate and unique. This is the only veil I received with a different colored lace edging then the veil itself. The lace edging is ivory and the veil a delicate blue. A very pretty combination.
Her veil was entirely hand stitched because at the time of her submission her only machine had broke. But her hand stitching is so delicate and small you would NEVER know this was all done by hand at all. I was very impressed.
Silvia makes every veil custom-made and wants to create veils that women have in their minds. She prays while she works and so feels her time is never wasted.
She will gladly ship her veils internationally for anyone wanting one of her creations.
I highly encourage Silvia Cassani 2_optyou to seek her out if you are in Italy and help spread the message of modesty, beauty and veiling all together!
It was a real honor to meet Silvia and to have her with us in the Immaculate Heart Veil Registry!
You can contact her at:

Silvia Cassani
Via Costanzo Albasini 7
Roma, Italy 00155


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