Veils by Lily – Ligouri, MO

  Veils by Lily, MO
A review by Rita Davidson, author of “Immodesty, Satan’s Virtue”

VeilsbyLily2_optLily is a mother of five beautiful children and is originally from Chile. She has been sewing veils for five years now and employs 7 other moms who help her sew.
She discovered veiling when she discovered the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. At the time she had a hard time finding a veil, so figured she would start providing them so others could wear them too.
Since then she has sent veils around the world including Chile, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa and Finland.Veilsbylily3_opt
Lily sent us not one but TWO sample veils to show two different kinds of edging.
Her first veil was a lightweight infinity veil in dusty blue, (but it is labeled charcoal). This veil has one serged edge, though it could be worn either way, the scalloped edge would look best at the front. The benefit of a lighter weight veil is it has less weight to pull it down. This was packaged in a plastic bag.

Her next veil was an ivory veil, labeled ‘classic’ made with a stretch lace. This had an EXQUISITE LACE EDGING that matched the veil so well. The veil is more like fabric than lace, but a beautiful heavier weight, more opaque, with a beautiful feel.
Veilsbylily1_optLily has a large selection of veils to choose from making it easy to find a veil that will suit you. Her website is educational about veils and the faith as well.
Her samples arrived with professional cards and a full color catalogue for people to hand out and spread the word that modesty, beauty and veiling go all together!
It is an honor to have Lily and her veils with us at Immaculate Heart Veil Registry and we hope you will look her up on her website and find her on Facebook too!

Lily Beck Wilson
Veils by Lily
1 Liguori Drive
Liguori, MO 63057

1 (800) 277-1813


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